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Welcome to Sugarmon, a new luxury vacation rental overlooking the scenic town Soufriere.


St Lucia is one of the most beautiful and highly visited islands in the Caribbean due to its versatility as both a romantic getaway and being family-friendly. Soufriere is home of the island's Pitons, Botanical Gardens, Volcano, and Sulphur Springs to name a few!

Sugarmon offers a comfortable environment where you can feel a part of the historic town of Soufriere and explore in comfort. Whether by escaping reality and making Sugarmon your hideaway or exploring the island. Sugarmon is an estimated 18 minute walk away from the town's square and central plaza and an estimated 12-minute walk from the Beach Park. There will be plenty of views of the town along your journey to enjoy the town of Soufriere from different points getting to see the scenic town from different perspectives.